Congratulations to Caris Marsh (WIM1 Lwt), Cat Hart (W Mas A) and Lynda Elms (W Mas F/G) for winning pennants in this years Scullers Head.  A fantastic result from these athletes.

Also, well done to all those who competed on a day where the conditions turned out much better than predicted.

Unfortunately we had a number of withdrawals ahead of the race due to the fast flowing river which made the conditions a little tricky.

Finish Pos. Sculler time class pos. in class
179 Caris Marsh 23:17.0 W.IM1.LWT 1 Pennanat Winner 
276 Cat Hart 24:04.5 W.MasA 1 Pennanat Winner 
286 David Grylls 24:08.2 MasD 24
296 Anna Ramsden 24:13.0 W.MasB 5
335 Lorna Cardwell 24:31.6 W.IM3.LWT 5
357 Katarina Rolfsman 24:46.4 W.MasB 7
373 Caroline Bell-Syer 25:00.4 W.MasD 4
375 Christina Greenhalgh 25:04:00 W.MasC 7
382 Jo Gapper 25:12.7 W.MasC 8
408 Laura Campbell 25:43.3 W.MasD 5
416 Lynda Elms 25:58.6 W.MasF/G 1 Pennanat Winner 
435 Giselle Mahony 26:35.0 W.MasE 6
437 Irene Papavergos 26:37.7 W.NOV 8
Dani Charles W.IM2 DNS
Jennifer Bizley W.MasA DNS
Joy Skipper W.MasE DNS
Sam Southwick W.MasC DNS
Lisa Kallal W.MasC DNS
Jo Brown W.Mas.NOV DNS
Ken Williams MasI DNS
Sheila Connolly W.MasE DNS
Pam Delvalle W.IM3.LWT DNF