I do hope you all had a good weekend.  I thought I would share some jottings about our first foray on the Autumn Sculling Heads circuit – first of all thanks to all who participated in boat loading and looking after our valuable kit!  The most important aspect of travelling to events.  Please acknowledge the time that Merv spent driving he did not leave the head course until at least 5 pm and I would like to thank him personally on behalf of us all.  We cannot compete or be prepared for these events without enormous back up whether its entries or coaching and general support on the bank.  Thank you.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Wallingford, it is located about 10 miles from Henley and is seriously gorgeous English countryside with some jaw dropping real estate on the scull up.  For a moment I thought I was in an episode of some Georgian period drama.  Great examples of perfect lawn mowing for those of you who admire such skills.  We had 20 MAABC scullers competing in this challenging course.  It requires skill to avoid the trees – beautiful that they are and there are some interesting S-bends to navigate through.  The course is a demanding 4.5k.

Whilst we are all in admiration of every single athlete who completed the course (well done Ladies and Gent (v important!)), and I am not particularly in the habit of singling out one particular crew but in this case forgive me for making an exception.  It is has been a long time since we had a novice crew enter a race and one of the crew has been rowing for only 6 weeks – I have been sculling for at least 25 years and still cannot figure out the course.  I have been speaking with Coach Merv as to why he was keen to enter this crew on a challenging course.  Merv said it was entirely due to the marvellous attitude of these five athletes.  He believes they have some serious potential which needs to be encouraged and racing provides that mixture of fun and stretching your skills whilst gaining invaluable experience.  We had Kalia, Dita, Sam and Isabel with cox Tamsyn enter Womens Novice Coxed Quads.  The project involved dusting down a very old boat – listening to Merv and Tamsyn (superb) plus taking it all very seriously and believing in the crew – you would honestly think that these girls had been together forever.  Their energy levels really infected all of us and it was with incredible pride that we saw how determined these young women are to get racing.  I understand that they have told the whole of Putney that they are going to be Champions and who are we to contest that.  Well done Girls !

We will let you know of the next Head and please all do come along.

We return to the lovely mid-week training and will begin prep for the Pairs Head.  Keeping enjoying yourselves, let everyone know what the lovely vibe is at our club.  Again most importantly keep safe by improving steering and looking out for each other.

Good sculling, rowing and laughing!