Looking forward to a great day of racing at the second of our ‘Home Regattas’ Barnes and Mortlake. There are 11 MAA crews racing in novice and Masters categories. Full details of their categories and race times below – we wish all the crews the best of luck – GO MORTLAKE…

WNov 1x Christina Greenhalgh
Race 2 9.05 heat against UL
Race 13 10.20 heat against Roehampton
Race 33 13.20 Final

W Nov 1 x Holly Kirby
Race 8 9:45 heat against TSS
Race 33 13.20 final

Mx IM3 2x Gabriella & Tim Tose
Race 20 11.45 final against Deben & PTRC (3 lane)

WMas B/C 4x
Race 25 12.20 heat MAABC (MAS B / Jo Gapper (stroke), Chris Greenhalgh, Kat Rolfsman, Anna Ramsden) against Ardingly (Mas B)
Race 64 17:50 final vs MAA Mas C

Race 33 13.20 W Nov 1x Final (possibly Holly and/or Christina)

WMas B/C 2x
Race 39 14.00 heat (Mas B) Anna Ramsden & Kat Rolfsman against Ardingly
Race 40 14.05 heat (Mas C) Laura Campbell & Gabriella Tose against Ardingly

[Tide break 14:30-15:40]

Race 48 16.05 WMas B/C 2x final (possibly Anna/Kat and/or Laura / Gabriella)

WMas E1x Lynda Elms
Race 55 16.10 final against TSS Thorn

Mas D/E 4x Peter Harvey, Nick Tittle, Keith Mahony & Andy Napier
Race 59 16:35 final against Medway Towns

Race 64 17.50 final MAABC (Mas C / Giselle Mahony(stroke), Lynda Elms, Holly Kirby, Laura Campbell) & winner of race 25 (could be MAA B crew)

WMas E2x Louise Pattison & Alice Poole
Race 71 17:55 final against TSS

Mas E/F 2x Peter Hoile & Rob Carpenter
Race 63 18:10 final against Medway Towns