The 2012 Barnes and Mortlake Regatta was held on a blustery, sunny Saturday, more like April than June. There was a fast running outgoing tide for the morning races and a sluggish incoming tide in the afternoon.  There was a good turn out of the usual helpers manning the car park, catering and bar facilities, registration and boating areas (for which many thanks!).

We had 4 winning crews:

WMas B/C 4x: our B crew (Jo Gapper, Christina Greenhalgh, Kat Rolfsman and Anna Ramsden) raced a semi-final, beating Ardingly, then met our C crew in the final whose 5 second advantage wasn’t enough to hold off the (mainly) younger crew.

WMas E 1x: Lynda Elms beat Rosemary Thom of TSS (actual verdict, NRO but Lynda was comfortably leading when her opposition clipped a buoy and fell in).

WMas B/C 2x: having despatched Ardingly’s B crew in the semi, Anna and Jo beat Ardlingly’s C crew in the final (this crew narrowly beat Gabriella Smith and Laura Campbell in the semi).

Mas E/F 2x: Rob Carpenter and Peter Hoile raced really well to gain revenge on Medway Towns (who had beaten the MAA E (really F) quad).   Some fine performances (but without silverware for their effort) were also put in by Holly Kirby (WN1x), Peter Harvey, Nick Tittle, Keith Mahony and Andy Napier (Mas D/E4x) and Alice Poole and Louise Pattinson (WMas2x), new member Tim Tose raced with wife Gabriella in IM3 Mx2x (having only been out twice together).