Hi all

Good morning I trust you are all well – dodging the various showers etc. Activity at the club is now focussing on the 8’s head projects which as usual seem to come round faster and faster each year.  However before I discuss our crews and coaches with you I just wanted to give Serena, Alice and Alyeska a very big HIGH FIVE for the amazing pancakes dare I say it, but the American pancake recipe is a contender! They were gobbled up at a rate of knots.  I was supposed to make a batter but time planning meant that Serena had to jump in.  It was a piece of good fortune for the consumers as they were vastly more professional than any effort I could make.  Thanks Girls.

Turning to matters rowing – once again the capricious weather will play a significant factor.  Study the charts and think about relevant kit. We had a wonderful crew racing for the first time at the Hammersmith Head, which had every weather condition conceivable in about one hour.  The girls looked professional and according the coaching team (Alice and Ben) learnt a significant amount – all of which has been achieved in a very short space of time. The senior girls decided to show their cards in a duel with AK I have heard that it was a thrilling tussle – The purpose of getting out and racing a week before is to experience what the Head will throw to you next weekend.  I cannot emphasise how excited we are to have two crews in such a prestigious event.  It is a very real opportunity for you to test yourself and commit to the other girls – we want to wish each and everyone of you the very best of luck for a fabulous race.  Imagine when you watch the Boat Race on the TV you can say to all your friends and family that you have also achieved racing this historic course and you will experience what those crews are going through.  Most of all feel very proud of yourselves (ps the coaches will not tell you this but do look good as there are several photographers at each stage of the race)

Now all I have mentioned the weather.  Whilst I am no Michael Fish it does seem to me that it is very changeable.  With that in mind can we check equipment is secured as tightly as possible to prevent literally stuff blowing away.

Can I wish all crews both MAABC and those visiting a good Head of the River Race.


There was some representation of MAABC in the Hammersmith Head, Hilary, Lisa, and some dodgy bird won E/F handicap.  It was a very respectable time and saw off he competition nicely.  Good luck girls for next weekend I will be watching you.