Once again hello to you all – there is a lot of news re events both on our beloved stretch of water with some international competition and lastly I wanted to mention that I am hearing the peal of wedding bells!


Here is Geoffrey’s Report on the Silver Skiff, Turin Sunday 13th November – hopefully we will get some photographs onto the web site.


This event is held annually on the River Po over an 11km course up round a buoy and back with start and finish in the same place.   One of the advantages of this is that competitors can see when they need to boat without having to spend extended time marshalling.  The event is well run and the locals helpful and friendly.  The event attracts a large international entry; this year some 670 entries from 25 countries.   The winners tend to be Olympic or World medalists and have included Drysdale, the Sinkovic brothers, Tufte, Kop, Knapkova, Twigg and Karsten


There were 7 entries from Mortlake and 2 from Quintin out of a UK contingent of 26.   Accommodation was arranged via AirBnB in a modest little palazzo a healthy walk from the course.  Practice on the course took place on the Friday and Saturday that was invaluable familiarization of the bends, bridges and the buoy turn.  The day itself was relatively quiet, about 11° with a slight head breeze over the second half of the course.   The expected tailwind over the first half of the course was not evident.


MAA acquitted themselves well as can be seen from the table below with Cat Ridgeway getting the silver in WMA.   Mike Ewing from Quintin won MA by some 30 seconds.   Inevitably there are incidents on the course and Jo Gapper was probably the most affected in our group.   Katarina Rolfsman unfortunately was suffering from a heavy cold and was unable to compete.   The overall winner was one of the Sinkovic in a time of 40.55.


Category Time Position in category Position overall
Cat Ridgeway WMA 50.51 2 277
Anna Ramsden WMC 51.14 5 353
Geoffrey Potts MG 51.51 7 375
Caroline Bell Syer WMD 52.11 4 389
Christine Greenhalgh WMC 53.00 6 412
Jo Gapper WMC 53.18 9 427
Mike Ewing QBC MA 43.41 1 38
Tom Bishop QBC MG 49.31 4 277


Meanwhile back at home we saw the Fours Head on Saturday November 12th and the Veterans Head on Sunday November 13th – weather conditions could not have contrasted more.  Our lovely MAA girls had to endure torrential rain but we entered WIMI 4X Kat B, Sophie, Sarah and Amy who finished 15th out of 36 in a very competitive category we also had WIM2 4+ composed of Lorna, Claire, Katie, Jade expertly steered by Tamsyn again a busy division the girls finished 13th out of 48.  These results have demonstrated to Coach Merv and the team that we have started on a solid platform.  Super Girls hope your kit dried out.  Sunday was glorious weather but since the race was run the “other way” round the marshalling again proved challenging to the umpires. The results are still “provisional”   Again we had some excellent race results We raced a composite WMas E and think we came second but who knows.  But SPOILER alert !! The Masters G4X comprising of Peter Hoile, Peter Harvey, Andy Napier and Keith Mahoney are up as winning.  We salute you Gents.   MAABC played host to visiting clubs and I have had generous feedback on the quality of our cakes which everyone snaffled at the end of the event.


Last weekend saw the staging of The Vesta Scullers Head, we had several entries we had an outstanding win from Anna Ramsden in Women’s Masters C she has really stamped her authority in this category she has stolen the crown of Sally P-Morris who whilst a good friend of ours has in the past dominated, well done Anna! Equally impressive is the ever youthful Caroline Bell-Sayer who sculled superbly to win Womens Masters D Caroline continues to deliver outstanding results as per the table above as well.  Again ladies we are incredibly proud of you.   I would also like to commend all our athletes who achieved great personal goals in this daunting race – particularly those doing it for the first time, Amy, Sophie, Natalie , Jo Brown, Sam Southwick   I have enormous respect for you all.  Geoffrey Potts with his immense experience has pointed out to me that competing in these events give everyone valuable insights into pacing, steering and negotiating the other competitors and whilst demanding are super enjoyable.


Just an observation re keeping well.  I think that several members have caught this annoying chest infection which seems to be prevalent.  Please make sure you look after yourselves and ensure you make the right decision regarding the appropriate time to race and return to training. If in doubt consult the coaches.


Please keep those entries for the QBC Plum Puddings notified to me I have expressions of interest from 3 people and the Men’s crew.  Please don’t forget that you will need a coxswain.


Now finally (thank goodness I hear you cry) I have some splendid news to share – plus a very tiny request  –  As this is going to be a RED Letter day I have written it in red.


We are absolutely thrilled that one of our members, Katie Keene has selected MAABC as her venue for her Wedding Day celebrations.  This important event is on Saturday December 17th.  Katie and her team are going to be at the club on December 16th to decorate the club room and they will also be using the Geoff Carney room.  Katie has been very generous and invited several of her MAABC friends.  In order for the club room to be perfect for Katie and to retain an element of surprise can we ask that athletes training on the Saturday avoid the club room and use the Geoff Carney room in between sessions. Katie and myself appreciate that this is a little inconvenient but we do want the club to look as fabulous as possible for her very special day. Ladies can we assist in clearing out as much as possible from the cloakroom so that looks suitable many many thanks.


Don’t get stressed out with the Christmas preparations!!