Henley Women’s Regatta is being held this weekend (Friday 15th June – Sunday 17th June), and we have a large number of MAA crews racing. Please do come along and support them if you can – it promises to be a great weekend of racing, despite the weather forecast!

The HWR racing timetable was revised due to fast and difficult stream conditions, and a number of events began with a time trial on Friday, following which the fastest 8 crews/scullers proceeded to side-by-side racing.

The latest information regarding race times for MAA crews is detailed below and this post will be updated in light of any announcements from HWR – for the latest updates please also see the HWR website.

Details of MAA crews and race times

Races involving MAA crews/single scullers are listed in chronological order for each day, with each crew/sculler’s first race highlighted in red.


Senior 1x (Gemma Peck and Suzaan Vermaak)
TIME TRIAL – 2 waves: (i) start 09:20 (including Gemma); (ii) start 10:00 (including Suzaan)
(fastest 8 scullers will proceed to side by side racing – next races 14:12/14:18/14:36/14:42)

Club 4+ (Therese Coen/Claire Ridley/Cat Bruce/Rachel Crockford/Nicola Glogowski (cox))
TIME TRIAL – first crew will start 10:20
(fastest 8 crews will proceed to side by side racing – next races 14:48/14:54/15:12/15:18)

Senior Lwt 1x (Chihiro Fukushima, Nicola Fitsimon, Rachel Drayson and Arden Gill)
TIME TRIAL – first sculler will start at 10:50
(fastest 8 scullers will proceed to side by side racing – next races 15:00/15:06/15:24/15:30)

Senior Lwt 2x (Rachel Kugele/Hayley Kugele and Starz Watterson/Jenny Bizley)
TIME TRIAL – first crew will start at 12:50
(fastest 8 crews will proceed to side by side racing – next races 16:36/16:42/17:00/17:06)


No MAA crews currently due to race, based on latest racing timetable.


Senior Lwt 2x
Race 316 or 317 11:20 or 11:25 Semi-Final (Starz/Jenny)
(Next race: 15:25)

Elite Lwt 1x (Fran Rawlins)
Race 330 11:50 Semi-Final against Dublin University (Dolan)
(next race: 15:40)

Elite Lwt 2x (Alexa Szladowska/Emily Dickinson)
Race 331 11:55 Semi-Final against Wallingford (Greeves)
(next race: 16:45)

Club 4+
Race 346 or 347 14:00 or 14:05 Semi-Final
(next race 16:30)

Elite Lwt 4- (Beks Edgar, Tina Albrecht, Lorna Brown, Caris Marsh)
Race 360 15.10 Final against OUWLBC or Vesta (winner of race 313 at 11:00)

Race 362 15:25 Senior Lwt 2x Final (potentially Starz/Jenny)

Race 365 15:40 Elite Lwt 1x Final (potentially Fran)

Race 375 16:30 Club 4+ Final (potentially Therese/Claire/Cat/Rachel/Nicola)

Race 378 16:45 Elite Lwt 2x (potentially Alexa/Emily)