Dear Members and friends,

Before I launch into rowing events this weekend, I just wanted to share with you how Geoff Potts took on the cream of the sculling world in the Silver Skiff event in Turin, Italy last weekend.  This 11k course attracts simply the best, the event was won by Sinkovic in 40.27, Mahe Drysdale was third – Geoff Potts came  with a very respectable time. 51.28 Congratulations Geoff and looking at the photos an amazing event.  Our congratulations to QBC – Tom Bishop won his event in racing 47.51 – lets aim for this event next year.
Turning to the weekend, a host of MAABC scullers turned up to compete in the Teddington SBH head (which included 8’s) athletes turned up in a sombre mood due to the simply appalling events in Paris.  We decided just how lucky we were to be able to participate in this race and became determined to enjoy and race as hard as we could. We all boated nice and early which gave us plenty of time to get absolutely freezing whilst marshalling.  I got completely tangled up in a tree much to the amusement of my so called fellow team mates. (I have made a mental note of who was laughing the most, Caroline Bell Sayer – (Caroline bin bags are not a fashion statement for wet weather gear) anyway we finally got racing and some excellent results for the club.  We won WMas B (Ramsden) WMas C (Rolfsman and second fastest woman overall in any category) WMas D (Bell Sayer) WMas E (Mahony) WMas F (Elms) and Mas G (Potts) – all athletes did themselves proud and we all learnt alot.
We would like to thank in particular, Luke Howells who drove us to the event and back the most important role.  Mervyn Lee and Gary Lovejoy who helped and supported us all and Tony from Sons of the Thames who came along to help out.  Thank you so much.
One massive lesson we learnt however was the importance of preparation particularly in relation to kit.  Seriously there were several incidents of hypothermia in the afternoon.  A top tip carrying a metal water bottle which you can fill up with hot water thus acting as a type of hot water bottle is useful as is decent waterproof tops. Word on the street that is you are thinking of Christmas presents that great fella Santa Claus is a good contact for new updated water wear.
Turning to next weekend, we have a group going to Burway – again can be exposed and the forecast is for it to get chillier.  Take care all and have a great race.  For those training for the scullers head we are proposing to do a bit of time trial I will contact you later once I have figured out how to read the tide timetable.
Again very well done everyone and I see lots of great training.